IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems.

This book describes the development process leading to System 360. It comprises amongst others the development of fixed and removable disk packs, floppy disks, semiconductor memory, and numerous other innovations. The book highlights mainly the development of hardware; development of required software (OS/360, MFT, MVT, DOS) is treated in only a single chapter.

Because the story is retold in every chapter from a different point of view and in relation to other developments, the book as a whole does not relate the events in a chronological order, which unfortunately does not add to its comprehensibility. The book relates part of IBM's company history, and pays a lot of attention to changes in IBM's management structure, along with all the changes in management positions during the years of development. About the people who did the real work hardly anything can be found in book.

All in all a recommended book for anyone interested in the development history of the earliest mainframes, especially if that interest extends into the area of hardware development. But do obtain the book from a library, it is too expensive and contains insufficient information relevant for software technicians to justify buying this hefty volume.

Assembler Language as a Higher Level Language - Macros and Conditional Assembly Techniques.

Review to be added soon.

Redesigning Assembler Language Development.

Review to be added soon.

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