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This page should give the worldwide IT community an opportunity to see that there are a significant number of people who can list IBM assembly language knowledge as a speciality, and that there will be people available in the future who can maintain and develop such code.
Additionally, it may serve as a forum those seeking employment and for those seeking to hire assembler expertise.

The list below contains an overview of English speaking people with expertise in the area of High Level Assembler. For other languages additional lists are available. The list is sorted alphabetically by last name, with the anonymous entries coming last.
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Each entry gives a very short description and a link to a page where each person explains - in their own wording - what they can do for you. The texts have been supplied by the experts themselves. Since we have no means of verifying correctness, we can give you NO WARRANTY at all and will accept NO LIABILITY whatsoever.

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Mr. G. Adair
Mr. Adair, a resident of Tucson Arizona, USA, has been writing IBM mainframe Assembler code as his primary work since 1968. While most of his experience is in the systems programming area, he also developed a number of large applications in the banking and airline industries. He spent 20+ years working with TPF for airlines and hotel chains. His areas of expertise are in data set manipulation using EXCP, writing macros and problem determination.
For more information, please contact Mr. Adair via e-mail.

Mr. J. B. Adams
Mr. Adams has 30+ years in the IT industry. Primarily as a Systems programmer in all of the IBM mainstream operating systems (Z/OS, MVS, VM/CMS, DOS/VSE). In depth ASSEMBLER experience including design and coding to provide access to an unsupported device type (Motorola Mobile terminals in Police cars) including CCW address translation and EXCPR coding, design and coding of a subsysytem to provide dynamic allocation and access to files of any organization (QSAM, VSAM, DB2), design and coding of MVS/JES2 and CICS exits. Thorough knowledge of system services, experience in authorized programming. CICS and DB2 application programming experience. Also proficient in COBOL.
Contact info?

Mr. J. P. Baker
Mr. Baker, a resident of Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA, has been developing and maintaining IBM mainframe assembler programs as his primary job for more than 30 years. His expertise has been primarily in VSE and VM systems programming, including all aspects of systems installation and maintenance, with particular emphasis on CA's VSE systems software packages (DYNAM, TOP SECRET, etc.), low-level I/O programming, operating system enhancements and extensions, vendor exits, and MACRO development. In addition to IBM mainframe assembler, he has wide experience in C, COBOL, PL/I, and REXX, as well as a variety of lesser known programming languages. He also has extensive experience in both macro-level and command-level CICS. Currently, telecommuting contracts will be considered.
A full profile is available upon request. He can be contacted via email.

Ms. K. Batteau
Ms. Batteau is a resident of Virginia, USA. She has been in the IT industry for over 25 years. Her primary sphere of work has been at the systems level of IBM mainframe platforms MVS, VM, VSE, in capacities ranging from operating system developer to systems programmer. The majority of her development has been in assembler, and she is also fluent in REXX and PL/1.
A full Curriculum Vitae is available; references will be provided upon request. Currently, contracts in the United States are being considered.

Mr. L. Bernstock
Mr. Bernstock has have been in the industry since 68, in operations programming and VSE/VM systems programming. I write in ALC (both VSE & OS/390), COBOL, RPG some PL/1 and FORTRAN (on HP/3000).I have worked on some other oddball equipment (DATAPOINT) some Honeywell and Tandem machines. I am a regular at WAVV (just to keep up on the latest VSE "stuff").
For more information, please contact Mr. Bernstock via e-mail.

Mr. D.L. Clark
Mr. Dave Leonard Clark has been working with S/370 assembler and macro coding since 1980.
In addition to S/370 Assembler, he also enjoys coding in REXX/VSE, COBOL/VSE, RPG/400, and Visual Basic (among others). He is currently the Senior Mainframe Systems Software Programmer/Analyst for DAPSCO Information Systems in Dayton, Ohio (USA). He also operates a home-based, part-time, multi-platform, free-lance, computer consulting and contract programming business for IBM Mainframes, AS/400's, IBM-compatible PC's, and Internet web pages.
Contact and additional information is available at

Mr. D. B. Cole
David B. Cole has nearly 40 years of experience in MVS (and predecessor) systems programming with concentration in Assembler, MVS internals and JES2. During his career, David has had the opportunity to work on many elements of the MVS operating system and has earned a reputation as an authority in his field.
David has owned and run Cole Software, a small software development company located in Afton, Virginia, since 1988. He is the lead developer of the company's core product, the source level assembler debugger, z/XDC®, which first came to market as DBC in 1980. Today, z/XDC's users include some of the best minds in the Assembler community.
Contact and additional information is available at

Mr. S. Dahari
Applications programming expertise with systems knowledge and exposure. Proficiency in IBM Mainframe environment including z/900, z/990, z9 and SYSTEM 390, multiprocessor machines running z/OS, OS/390 and MVS. Versatility in creating diverse applications in ASSEMBLY, COBOL, PL/1 and PASCAL in response to organizational needs. Skill in designing, programming and testing of programs ranging from simple batch to very large, complicated batch and online programs. Extensive experience in structured programming methodologies, writing and linking or loading of calling and called modules. Comprehensive, in-depth expertise in serial and binary table search techniques. Experienced in the intricacies of system conversion.
He can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. V. DeVittorio
Mr. V. DeVittorio is an independent computer consultant. His main area of expertise is IBM Mainframe Assembler. He has an extensive background and a strong interest in Assembler programming. A strong technician, he has developed applications in the airline and banking industry. In his career he has done a lot of assembler programming for both online and batch systems. A recent high point of his career was enhancing a 900 module load-module for a major public utility. He has developed assembler user exits for application programs and Syncsort. He has also done considerable application maintenance, debugging, and testing using Cobol, Intertest, Fileaid, and IBM utilities. Full-time, part-time positions in the New York tri-state area, or telecommuting actively considered.
He can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. D. Dick
Mr. Dick wrote his first assembler program in 1976 - macro level for CICS 1.1.1, it was quite a baptism under fire. Since that time, Mr. Dick has been employed in various positions from flunky to Systems Programmer to Data Center Manager. For the last 20 years he has worked in software development for the VSE platform and is currently employed by Connectivity Systems International. During this period he has been responsible for the design, coding, maintenance and support of BIM-PRINT, BIM-QCOPY, BIM-ARCHIVE, BIM-PC/TRANSFER, RAAD, and HFS.
He can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. Roberto Fiorani
Roberto Fiorani was born in 1957 and lives in Italy. He has a master's degree in Applied Math (achieved on January 1981).
He started working on IBM mainframe since 1981 and his experiences include installing, configuring, managing and monitoring z/OS and z/VSE systems as well as a good skill on performance and capacity planning.
With assembler language he wrote many middleware and database interfaces including: VSAM to DL/1 transparency, zVSE/POWER interfaces, TCPI/IP interfaces, APPC utilities, File transfer product using APPC (written macros in order to have same source in z/VSE and z/OS), routines for Y2K management, scheduling routines, some TCP/IP, VTAM and supervisor exits.
Excellent knowledge of COBOL, CICS, CA-DATACOM.
After the mainframe experience he has expanded his knowledge in the open systems environment: Windows, Linux, Aix, J2EE.
Member of AICA and IEEE Computer Society.
A complete profile can be found on LinkedIn.
He may be contacted via e-mail

Mr. S. P. Frazier
Mr. Frazier was born in 1950 and has programed in assembler since 1968. He has written system exit routines for MVS, VM, and VSE.
He can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. A. W. Frediani
An electrical engineer by training, and configuration and performance/tuning specialist for most of his career, Alex has had a hardware-level orientation for most of that time. He wrote display and sports control code for the Munich Olympics (IBM assembler), wrote complete suites for university research control systems (DEC assembler), and spent many years writing, maintaining, and modifying IBM/OS telemetry-related systems at NASA Goddard Space Flight center - working with engineers on the design of custom communications interface hardware and test suites. He has written/modified numerous OS, JES2, RACF, etc. exits, and utilities, was a consultant for a project linking ESCON channels to FDDI networks, and is experienced with channel-level programming. He is available for contracts or W-2 work (overseas only).
He can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. R. L. Gatski, Jr.
Mr. Gatski has been writing kernel-level assembler code for his entire career. During 14 years at IBM he wrote assembler code which is part of the z/OS operating system, and during 10 years at Candle he wrote assembler (and C) code which is part of the Omegamon suite of products. He is available for full time work in the Poughkeepsie, NY, area, or contract work worldwide.
He can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. Andreas Geissbuehler.
Born in 1945 in Switzerland, Andreas has been living in Canada since 1966. He is writing in Assembler since 1968, initially IBM 1401, S/360 DOS and OS/MFT. In 1980 he founded AFG Consultants Inc. If it ran or still runs on an IBM Mainframe (z/OS, MVS) most likely Andy has used it at least once, somewhere, for some time.

Mr. V. Gil
V. Gil has been programming in Assembler since 1978, right after graduating from a major University with master's degree in CS and Applied Math. His experience began with all sorts of systems and applications projects on DOS/IBM [pre-VSE], ranging from nucleus generation, to coding an in-house dis-assembler, to development of a relational database management system for ad-hoc reporting. He then moved to scientific/accounting programming in Fortran, PL/I and Cobol and one of the projects [automating the process of concrete manufacturing] has earned him a Ph.D. Since 1990 he is back to Assembler working as a senior software engineer for software vendors [Mobius, Neon], banks [CSFB, Chase] and financial institutions [ADP, Broadridge] where he daily interacts with such products as CICS, DB2 and MQ. Currently he is happily employed as a Lead Technical Consultant.
He can be reached via e-mail.

Mr. N. Gruettner
Norbert Gruettner was born in 1952 and currently lives in Germany. He gained his first experiences with assembler as a system programmer under Siemens/BS2000 in the year 1976. Further on in his career he worked as system software developer for SOFTWARE AG, Darmstadt and there among other things he developped the full multi-processor utilization, the VTAM/SNA interface and the DB2 call attachment facility of the TP monitor COM-PLETE. This TP monitor is available on IBM operating systems z/OS and VSE/ESA. Today Mr. Gruettner works as independent EDP advisor with the emphasis performance optimization of applications. The projects cared for by him include online (CICS, COM-PLETE, IMS/DC) and batch applications in Assembler, COBOL, NATURAL and PL/1 with data base accesses DB2, ADABAS and IMS/DB.
A complete profile with contact information is available here.

Mr. S. F. Heffner
Stephen F. Heffner has been coding in a variety of computer languages since 1964, including many assemblers for minicomputers, microprocessors, and mainframes. His systems programming activities have included operating systems, compilers, interpreters, runtime systems, real-time, commercial, engineering, and scientific programs. He has also been an expert witness in several IP civil cases involving issues of code copying and professional competence. Mr. Heffner served on the faculty of the Wharton Business School, from 1981 as a Lecturer to 1994 as Adjunct Associate Professor in Decision Sciences. In 1984, Mr. Heffner created XTRAN, an expert system for automating the analysis, re-engineering, and translation of many computer languages, including several assemblers, one of which is HLASM. His current activities comprise enhancements to XTRAN, as well as training and consulting to users of the system. Full information is available, including contact information.

Mr. D. Higgins
Started mainframe assembler programming in college on IBM 1410 and S/360. Received Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 1969 from University of South Florida. Worked for Electronic Communications Inc. for 2 years on manufacturing numerical control applications using IBM 1130 with FORTRAN and assembler. Worked for Florida Power for 25 years starting as a system programmer and later managing the IT department for 15 years. Published several ACM papers on structured programming in FORTRAN and assembler. Published several contributions to the SHARE Program Library including structured FORTRAN and assembler translators and MVS modifications and utilities in assembler. Published MMS/370 mainframe assembler and emulator for z80 CP/M in 1982. Published PC/370 shareware assembler and emulator for MSDOS PC's in 1985. Licensed PC/370 rights to Pansophic Systems (TELON) and Micro Focus (MF/370) in 1989. Sold PC/370 rights to Micro Focus in 1993. Left Florida Power in 1995 and worked for Micro Focus 9 years as a systems software developer supporting Mainframe Express assembler and emulator. Left Micro Focus in 2004 and started his own company Automated Software Tools Corporation developing open source z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler Tools in Java for Windows, Linux, and other platforms supported by J2SE. Available for consulting projects on part time basis. Full information is available, with information about the z390 Project available here. E-mail

Mr. Mauri Kanter
Mr. Mauri Kanter was born in Argentina in 1961 and currently lives in Israel. He gained his first experiences with z80 assembler using the CP/M operating system around 1981. In his career he worked for UNIVAC, ECI, Formula and BMC, Among other things he developped a CSA memory sysplex data-sharing mechanism exploiting coupling facilities structures, and a lot of supervisor state / key 0 code (PC calls, subsystem code, MVS resource managers etc). He also managed assembler development teams. He worked with z/OS, VM and VSE.
He enjoys constructing solutions for problems in companies using the various resources available.
He can be contacted via email at

Mr. A.F. Kornelis
Abe Kornelis was born in 1962 and has assembler experience since 1985. He lives in the Netherlands, Europe.
Primary area of expertise is with designing and building programs to solve complex problems, either in assembler or in other languages. Experience includes a.o. non-disruptive conversions, reconstructing documentation, re-enabling legacy software for future maintenance, HLASM macro authoring, teaching High Level Assembler, programming techniques and problem solving strategies.
Full profile with contact information is available.

Mr. M. Lewin
Mr. Lewin is a resident of France but is available for work worldwide. His primary experience is as a MVS system programmer and as an assembler programmer. He taught part time for six years IBM assembler language in an engineering school. He has a diversified profile.
A Full profile with contact information is available.

Mr. E. M. Martin
Mr. Martin has been in system programming for a consulting firm in the Northeast Ohio area for 23 years. He has traveled over the central and eastern part of the United States working for different clients, and is currently a Senior Systems Integrator.
His main area of experience is in IBM VSE and VM systems. Having worked as a consultant for both large and small companies, he has experience in all areas of a data center, including the integration of different platforms.
He has written, debugged, and maintained assembler calls, exits, subroutines, and programs for CICS, VM, VTAM, TCPIP, and other products.
He has worked with Cobol, C, Assembler, High Level Assembler, Fortran, and RPG.
He enjoys constructing solutions for problems in companies using the various resources available.
He can be contacted via email at . A full resume is available upon request.

Mr. S. Metz
Mr. Metz is a senior MVS systems programmer, although he also has experience on a wide variety of other platforms. He has done a lot of assembler programming both on z/OS (and its predecessors) and other platforms, including modifications to IBM and non-IBM operating systems. His languages of choice are HLA and PL/I, although he also knows a number of other languages, e.g., Ada, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Perl, REXX, SAS. He has a strong interest in Linux and OS/2. He is the author of "Safe REXX" and "The PC Neophyte's Guide to Self Defense". He has written ISPF dialogs, local modifications, macro libraries, PL/I callable service routines, REXX function packages (for CMS and TSO), SVC routines, TSO commands, user exits and utilities. He has done configuration & tuning, DASD management, installs via SMP/E, JES2, performance monitoring, security, training and VTAM. He is seeking employment in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, although he will consider relocation. He is also interested in moonlighting.
He can be contacted at (703)256-4764 or via e-mail A Full profile with contact information is available.

Mr. J. P. Morrison
Mr. J. Paul Morrison was born in England and currently lives in Unionville, Ontario, Canada. He has been coding in IBM mainframe Assembler language (most recently HLASM) for about 30 years! He has written large amounts of Assembler code over the years, plus several sets of structured programming macros, also macros to build tables (some of which were self-sorting). He is also familiar with PL/I, plus REXX, APL, ISPF, IMS, CICS, and some DB2. He designed and helped to build a forerunner of the IBM VSAM access method, and more recently discovered/invented the application development technology now called "Flow-Based Programming". He is interested in both programming and natural languages and would be particularly interested in participating in internationalization projects. His French is reasonably good. He is interested in contracts in the Toronto area, or remotely via VPN.
He can be contacted via email, and his URL is

Mr. K. Muensberg
Mainframe professional since the days of OS/MFT with excellent assembler skills. Worked in systems programming (from MFT up to z/OS), product development (Pansophic Systems) and consultancy.
Details can be found at

Mr. R. Mullins
Mr. Mullins is a resident of Northern California, USA. He has been in the IT industry for almost 25 years.
His primary sphere of work has been at the systems level of IBM mainframes for most of that time, first as a systems programmer, then in ISV customer support, and for the past 10 years he has been working as a HLASM software developer (total assembler experience is over 20 years). He has written programs that work with many facets of the z/OS and VSE/ESA operating systems, including interrogating system control blocks and manipulating data sets, and has even worked with the Siemens-Fujitsu BS2000/OSD platform. His work also include accessing data spaces, using supervisor state, and utilizing many of the newer S/390 and z/Architecture instructions. He has also written programs that use interfaces described in the DFSMSdfp Advanced Customization Guide. Macros are a specialty. Mr. Mullins has also worked extensively in COBOL, C, REXX, Perl, PHP, PL/I and FORTRAN, and has an understanding of PL/X and APL.
A Full profile with contact information is available.
Currently, part-time telecommuting contracts (20-30 hours/month) in the USA, Canada, and Europe will be actively considered.

Mr. Bernd Oppolzer
Mr Oppolzer was born in 1959. He lives in Germany (near Stuttgart). He studied computer science at the Stuttgart University, graduating in 1985. He has worked with IBM Mainframe ASSEMBLER since 1985, and with IBM Mainframes since 1982 (starting with VM/CMS - FORTRAN - PASCAL). In addition to ASSEMBLER Mr Oppolzer works with the following languages/systems/databases: C, PL/1, REXX, z/OS, Linux, OS/2, TSO/ISPF, DB2, ORACLE, MySQL, MS SQL Server. Primary areas of his work involve system related programming; for example, a XML parser for C and PL/1, a high performance table management system, test tools, change & config management, database tools, classes for application developers, including programming languages, database systems, debugging, dump analysis. He can be reached via email.

Mr. T. Sambrooks
Mr. Sambrooks has nearly 4 decades of ICT experience having started with IBM systems in 1966, and produced his first Assembler program in 1972. Over the years he has written a number of utilities, and a security system for HASP, the JES2 forerunner. Since 1999 he has been running Assembler course for commercial organisations within the UK, and is currently working on a routine to mimic Started Tasks to aid Operator training. Besides Assembler Terry has worked with Cobol, Easytrieve, Java, Javascript, PL/I and REXX.
A full profile with contact information is available.

Mr. J. Scharneck
Mr. Scharneck is in South Africa and has recently gained assembler expertiese. He has over 8 years of data processing experience with COBOL, DB2 and REXX applications.
Mr. Scharneck may be contacted by e-mail.

Mr. B. Schrager
Mr. B. Schrager has been involved with MVS development since before it was released when IBM invited him to be provide input into the direction, potential problem areas, etc. of their new operating system. In 1974 Mr. Schrager co-authored the JES2/TSO Interface Package (JTIP), which was the first product to interactively submit Jobs, inquire about status, and retrieve their output. At about the same time, Mr. Schrager wrote the Link Pack Area Packer program which optimized the packing of Link Pack Area Modules to minimize paging. This was contributed to the SHARE CBT Tape. In 1978 Mr. Schrager was the designer and primary author of ACF2 - the first commercially successful mainframe security system. After a short retirement, Mr. Schrager co-authored the EKC Security Reporting Facility (E-SRF), which provided analysis and consolidated reporting for ACF2 and RACF. Recently, Mr. Schrager developed enhancements with RRS, Two Phase Commit, DB2 LOBs, DBCS and ADABAS for a middleware software vendor. In 1978 Mr. Schrager co-founded and was President of SKK, Inc., a software company to develop and market ACF2. When SKK was sold in 1986, it had 2700 mainframe customers and 160 employees located around the world. Mr. Schrager has been Manager of the SHARE Security Project, the SHARE MVS Group, Deputy Director of the SHARE Basic Systems Division and on the Advisory Board of the Center for Information Privacy and the Law for the John Marshall Law School. Mr. Schrager can be contacted via e-mail.

Mr. P. Sonnek
Mr. Sonnek is a resident of Southern Minnesota. Mr. Sonnek has been a hard core BAL programmer for over 20 years now. High points include writting and maintaining GL/Accounting software and Payroll. (way back in the early 80's) Worked for Blueline Software working on several different Vital Signs products, inulding being the primary developer on Vital Signs for CICS/VSE. He has written a number of I/O modules, POWER exits, Macros and has worked with XPCC, Diagnose commands to communicate between VSE and VM. He has also also worked on Real-Time Credit card verification programs, all in BAL. Currently working as a VM/VSE Systems programmer.
A full profile with contact information is available.

Mr. S. Spanchak
Mr. Spanchak has been working in Assembler since 1972. He has specialized in the design and development of systems applications and products for MVS and its derivatives. He is an advocate of macro programming and reusable code and is the author of a rapid development macro toolkit for large scale systems applications.
He may be contacted via e-mail .

David Stephens
David has been a z/OS and CICS Systems Programmer, and HLASM Developer since 1989. He has extensive experience in "internals" programming with z/OS, CICS and IMS. He also has experience in CICS command level, dump analysis, and performance analysis.
David has worked in many different industries, and has six years experience in systems software development and Level 3 support with IBM. He is based in Perth, Australia, and provides services to Australia, Asia and South Africa.
More information and contact details can be found at

Mr. S. Thompson
Mr. Thompson is a computer consultant. He has worked for Amdahl writing vertical micro-code, at IBM writing MVS internals code, and has been programming in ALC since 1976 working in VSE, VM and MVS environments. He has taught privileged operations internally for an ISV and has also been an expert witness in an IP case. He uses HLASM via conditional assembly to generate command streams besides writing macros. He is currently a Sr. Systems Programmer and Software Developer as an employee of VS Strategies.
More information

Mr. M. Truebner
Mr. Truebner was born in 1953 and is a resident of Germany. He has been working with assembler since 1973.
Mr. Truebner specialises in designing and building solutions to solve complex problems. In addition to writing these applications in assembler, Mr. Truebner also codes in REXX, COBOL and PL/I as necessary.
A Full profile with contact information is available.

Mr. B. Turner
Mr. Turner was born in 1942 and is a resident of West Central Florida, U.S.A. He has been working with assembler since 1964, as an Application Programmer (15 years), Systems Programmer (21 years), and Systems Designer (10+ years overlapping), but has minimal experience with Z-OS, having "retired" in 2001. He has experience in the design and support of online systems written in assembler. He has PL/I experience and is a fluent REXX programmer having supported it and other programming languages under VM/CMS and MVS/TSO. He has considerable experience in writing assembler macros, especially in a CICS environment. He has also been the primary programming instructor and Executive Advisor for an Advanced Computer Programming Explorer Post ( for over 18 years as a volunteer.
A background profile is available. Part-time or Full-time Positions in the USA will be actively considered, telecommuting preferred.

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