OS/390 Assembler Language: Advanced Topics.

This course covers various topics related to High Level Assembler. It may also cover general advanced programming topics, such as multi-processing, multi-tasking, and design of parallel processes. Topics to be included in the course are selected with the customer.

The course is intended for:

This overview comes in three parts, which are presented in sequence below:

  1. Course Description
  2. Course Objectives
  3. Topical Outline

Course Description

Recommended Duration: Varies

Benefits: Varies with topics chosen for the course.

Audience: Anyone who wants to expand his/her knowledge in certain HLASM-related areas.

Prerequisites: At the very least the student entering this course should have some HLASM programming experience.

Related IBM Materials. Access to the following IBM manuals in the classroom is advised (via hardcopy, BookManager, etc.):

Major Topics Include:

Exercises: Exercises will be included as appropriate.

Note 1:
This course may be drawn from the set of courses we used to teach before the current set was established and/or other resources. Topics may be added at will.

Note 2:
All course material is in American English. Oral explanation will be in English by default, but is also available in Dutch, German, and/or French.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Understand the topics included in the course. Details can be determined cooperatively, during or after selection of topics to be included.

Topical Outline

Varies with topics selected.
Some suggestions are:


Virtual Storage


Calling Mechanisms

Instruction Set


Units of Work


Error handling

Authorized macros

Special Routines


Some Control Blocks

Other topics

Of your own choosing or from our previous set of courses

Remarks? Questions? More information? Select the topic of your choice or e-mail us with your questions.


To the Course Description
To the Course Objectives
To the Topical Outline


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