Bixoft & HLASM - Translation Requests

This site (both for Bixoft and for HLASM) has been set up from the first beginning as a multi-lingual site. If your preferred language is not available, it is because we have not yet found a volunteer for making the translations. We will be happy to add your language to the list.

If your language is available, but some link brings you back to an English page, then that page has not (yet) been translated into your language. Please bear in mind that all translations on this site have been made by volunteers. We are thankful for the time and effort they have put into translating pages, and we are proud to present their translations to you.

Would you like to help us make this site as informative and accessible as possible for all HLASM-programmers world-wide? Please consider yourself invited to help us by supplying information or texts for publication on the site.

If you would like to translate one or more pages, please check the status page, and before you start please do contact us. Do not translate from the html you have downloaded from the web: the html is generated by our maintenance tool. If you intend to join our team of volunteers, we will be happy to send you the base documents that are used for generating all html for this site.

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For your suggestions, comments and remarks, please send us an e-mail.

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