HLASM-related products and services

There are still many who use High Level Assembler as a programming language. These HLASM-professionals have a large number of tools and services at their disposal. Some of them are free, most of them are available under commercial conditions.

This page intends to create an overview of products and services available for the professionals who work with High Level Assembler. Each product or service is described in a few short sentences. Some of the products have a link to more extensive (commercial) information.

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Legal Disclaimer

The information on this page is presented as a service to the reader. All information is provided by the owner of each product or service. Since the descriptions are short, they cannot be complete. We offer NO WARRANTY with respect to this information, and we accept NO LIABILITY. We encourage the reader to gather additional information, to assess its completeness and correctness, and to do a thorough assessment of fitness for your particular purposes before buying any of the products or services mentioned on this page.

Categories of Products and Services

For ease of reference we have split the entries into four groups:

HLASM and Compatible Assemblers.

Debugging and Other Tools.

Courses and Support.

All Other.

Instructions for submitting additions to this page.

To add your product or service to this page, please send a short note to Abe Kornelis who maintains this page. Your note should contain the following:

We reserve the right to refuse or to redact your text. Your text should be no longer than a handful of lines - just enough to perk the interest of the reader. You should provide the internet address (URI or URL) where you have all relevant information.

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