HLASM - Opcode X'00' = invalid operation

The opcode of "invalid operation" is X'00'.


  1. Force a program interruption; usually for debugging purposes.


  1. None.


  1. The processor cannot execute opcode X'00'. It is reserved and will never be assigned to any valid instruction. Thus the use of opcode X'00' is always guaranteed to cause a program interruption for 'operation exception', which would normally cause a S0C1 abend.
  2. The condition code does not change.

Special Cases

  1. None.

Related Instructions

  1. None.


  1. All hardware supports the X'00' non-instruction as described above.


  1. In conjunction with an (E)STAE or FRR routine this instruction can be used to force entry into the recovery logic. It is possible to use the second byte of the instruction to specify what action the recovery routine is to take.


* Before proceeding we need to do <Something>
* This task is performed by the recovery routines,
*      function code X'01' 
         DC   X'0001'                * Request recovery function X'01'

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