Continuing to Profit from Legacy Assembler Code.

By John R. Ehrman, February 2003

In this document John Ehrman conveniently summarizes the trade-offs to be made when it comes to deciding whether to upgrade existing assembler programs or to replace them with something entirely new.
Various institutions have done research into this decision and its effects. The results of these scientific research endeavors are presented in a readable format, making the results accessible for the general public.

A must-read for all assembler programmers and, more importantly, their bosses. This document will help prevent making very costly mistakes.

Fortunately, this document has now been made available on the web, as a PDF document.

To request a printed copy please e-mail the author.

John Ehrman has published various interesting documents relating to HLASM. Many of these are available online. IBM hosts a complete index of John Ehrman's publications.


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